Manage workloads by radically transforming traditional computing to make it more scalable.

The Benefits of Virtualization

Consolidate Servers
Virtualization of your software enables you to increase the scale of your server infrastructure without purchasing additional pieces of hardware.

Conserve Energy
In addition to savings in hardware costs, virtualization may also save you money on your energy bill by reducing the amount of strain on your technical infrastructure.

Improve Management
Managing virtual machines is a lot easier than managing "real" machines. For example, hardware upgrades can be done using a management console application, rather than having to power down the machine, install the hardware, verify the change, then power up again.

Faster Backups and Recovery
The process of backing up and restoring virtual machines takes significantly less time than traditional machines.

Maintain Legacy Applications
If you do have old applications that have compatibility issues with newer software or that must run on a certain version of an operating system, you can dedicate a virtual machine just for those tasks.